How to Force Uninstall McAfee Agent?

When update failed or during update an error occurs in McAfee is due to folders moved, created or modified files will result in this error and only by uninstalling the issue can be solved. But due to the modifications in the folders you may face issue while uninstalling McAfee and now only force uninstalling will work as you may not be able to open McAfee as well as Stop McAfee.

If you are not able to install McAfee and getting installation error you can read now How to Fix McAfee Installation Error 12152. But to force uninstall McAfee you are required to follow below listed steps and by following each step carefully you can uninstall McAfee agent.

Force Uninstall McAfee Agent

Steps to Remove McAfee Agent:


Step1: In search bar type cmd and open the very first entry named after cmd.

Step2: Now in command prompt type cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework” and press enter.

Step3: Now make sure your location is C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework and type command frminst.exe /remove=agent and press enter.

Step4: After finishing the program close command prompt.

Step5: Now open control panel and navigate to add or remove program or remove program.

Step6: Select McAfee Virus scan agent and press remove or uninstall button.

Step7: Now press Remove completely option and after finishing select McAfee Antispyware.

Step8: Press remove button and if not found select McAfee agent.

Step9: Press remove button and then select remove completely.

Step10 Follow on screen commands and restart after removing.

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Step1: Double click on the McAfee removal tool and select installed McAfee product in system.

Step2: Click remove completely and follow on screen commands to remove McAfee.

Call McAfee Support Number 1-844-313-8282 to Force Uninstall McAfee Agent

McAfee error support number is available to provide round the clock assistance from the team of certified professionals. To get in touch with experts you can call toll free 1-844-313-8282 to fix various issues in McAfee and the team will take a remote session of the users computer to uninstall McAfee agent In USA and Canada.

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